Francisco Torres

francisco c. torres

Francisco has been in the media and theater industry for over 20 years. From video, theater, television and film he has had the opportunity to work in both the East and West Coast before setting his current residence in the Midwest.

He started doing camera work for televised sports events on the East Coast and quickly moved to directing live Regional Broadcasts of women’s field hockey, men’s and women’s soccer, tennis, football, teleplays, concerts, orchestras and even a cooking show, for several years, to name a few. In his free time he would also do freelance photography for newspapers in New Jersey and Philadelphia.

His concentration in college was radio, broadcasting, television and film. In his summers he would work for a regional professional theater company as an actor.  While in college he also developed programming for the local radio station.

On the West Coast he continued to be involved in theater productions, television, commercial work and film. It was on the West Coast that he also started doing voiceover work.

In the Midwest he has had the opportunity to work in many forms of media and theater. He also had the opportunity to become one of the founding members of the Five Amazing Tacos, an improv group that would perform for children. He has acted in over 100 theater productions and has had the opportunity to produce, fight choreograph and direct several stage productions. He has also produced and directed multiple industrial videos, commercials and short films.

His specialties are in producing, acting, writing, and directing. He is currently the Vice President of Madison Shakespeare Company and one of the founders of the theater production company Know Better Productions and the independent film production company Frozen Stage Films.

Francisco C. Torres is also a loving father.